Young SC voters are getting registered, but numbers still fall short of older generations

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - After a year of political back-and-forths, it seems like the push to bring out young voters has been greater than ever.

But numbers from the South Carolina Election Commission show that registered voters ages 18-24 here are still lagging among other age groups.

One USC student is on a solo mission to try and re-shape the political landscape by making sure that young voters are getting involved.

“I think that my generation could change everything,” said Ashley Harrington, who put together a registration drive on campus.

Harrington has been hosting her own voter registration drives to make sure her peers are being heard. She said she’s had about 30 students sign up at each event.

“You can complain about someone on Twitter, or to your friends, but if you don’t vote, what difference does that make,” Harrington said.

Registered voters aged 18-24 make up 8.4 percent of total registered voters throughout the state, but even with South Carolina voter registration closing tonight, Harrington is hoping to bring that number up.

“It’s still important,” she said. “If you care or if you don’t, things are still going to impact you. So might as well get your voice heard.“

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