Boone Hall blamed on social media for “gridlock” traffic over the weekend

Boone Hall blamed on social media for “gridlock” traffic over the weekend

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Saturday and Sunday are prime hours for Boone Hall Plantation’s Annual “Fright Nights” event and pumpkin patch, but several drivers took to social media over the weekend blaming Boone Hall for the traffic on Highway 17 near Long Point Rd.

The owner of the farm acknowledged those claims, saying his event isn’t solely to blame.

2018 marks the 21st year for the Boone Hall fall celebrations, many people at the event saying they make sure to come every year as a tradition.

Boone Hall owner Willie McRae says he hopes the traffic accusations don’t impact what people think of the event’s organization.

“We have off duty Mt. Pleasant policemen to direct traffic on the highway. We have Charleston County Sheriff’s Deputies to direct traffic inside Boone Hall, private parking company, and our own people managing traffic too,” says McRae when asked what he is doing to control the congestion.

McRae says he’s watched more people move to Mt. Pleasant every year.

He says due to the high volume of cars on the road, there is always traffic in the Long Point Road area, not just when his gates are open.

“The community is growing, understandably traffic is more and more every day, it causes problems,” says McRae. “You can’t please everyone all the time.”

A spokesperson with the town of Mt. Pleasant said in a statement that the town does have existing traffic conditions already and Boone Hall just contributes to that during events.

On Sunday, Mt. Pleasant Mayor Will Haynie tweeted that “We are aware of the gridlock caused by congestion at Boone Hall.”

When McRae saw the tweet, he said he wanted to know why his event is being blamed instead of the Children’s Day Festival that was being held close to his farm.

“We are doing everything we possibly can to work with them to alleviate the traffic problems caused by Boone Hall Plantation,” says McRae.

Mt. Pleasant police also released a statement acknowledging that a period of the traffic was caused by a four-car accident near Boone Hall.

McRae says about 40,000 people visit Boone Hall Plantation during the month of October and that he hopes they all continue to find the “constant and typical” Mt. Pleasant traffic to come back next year.

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