Body camera video released showing arrest of man claiming excessive force

Body camera video released showing arrest of man claiming excessive force

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - New video from the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office shows the arrest of Rashad Smith on Oct. 14.

Smith says he was a victim of brutality because deputies broke his nose and hurt his leg during the encounter.

In the video from the deputy’s body camera, you can hear deputies ask Smith several times to put his hands behind his back and to roll over.

A few seconds after the altercation begins, Smith can be heard saying, “I quit, I quit!”

Later in the video, deputies repeatedly ask Smith to stand up, but he insists that he can’t get up.

Berkeley County deputies said they responded to a report that Smith was abusing his 19-month-old son. Dispatchers told deputies that Smith has a history of resisting arrest.

On Friday afternoon, Berkeley County Sheriff Duane Lewis released a statement about the incident, which read in part:

“A preliminary use of force was done in this case and I can tell you that we had one deputy whose finger was bitten by Smith, bitten to the point that it broke the skin. Another deputy was bit on his arm while another depth was kicked in the groin - all while trying to take Smith into custody on the warrant that existed for his arrest at the time of the incident. It should be noted that the warrant had 5 caution indicators on it as Smith has interacted with law enforcement in the past and had resisted those efforts.”

Lewis said in his statement that the incident was being investigated by the Professional Standards Unit.

Berkeley County spokesperson Mike Cochran said no one from Berkeley County was available on Thursday to comment on the incident shown in the video shown here.

Body camera video from Berkeley County showing arrest of man claiming excessive force

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