Teacher has license suspended after altercation with student in school bathroom

Teacher has license suspended after altercation with student in school bathroom
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ORANGEBURG COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - An Orangeburg County teacher has had his teaching license suspended after an altercation with a student in a bathroom at Lake Marion High School and Technology Center in 2018.

On November 12, 2018, a ninth grade student alleged Alexander Gabriel pulled him into the boys’ restroom and slammed him to the floor, according to the state board suspension order.

Gabriel denied he “choke-slammed” the student, but did admit to pushing him.

In a statement, the student stated he jokingly told Gabriel, “you know I don’t like you,” before assaulted him, the order stated. In a subsequent statement, the student recalled Gabriel told him, “not to ever talk s*** to him again,” while they were in the restroom.

Gabriel then resigned from the district in December 2018.

According to the board order, Gabriel then wrote a statement to the State Department of Education in February 2018.

“I regret my actions and acknowledge I exercised poor judgment. However, I never intended to bring harm to the student,” Gabriel wrote in part.

He attributed his reaction in the altercation with the student to an unrelated incident the preceding Friday where he was struck in the face by a student. Gabriel stated the instance of alleged assault upon him was witnessed by a large number of students and that it caused him to feel, “defenseless, humiliated and emotionally disturbed," according to the board order.

As part of the suspension, Gabriel has agreed to complete an anger management course. His suspension is scheduled to end on Oct. 8, 2019

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