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Vivian Howard on the role of American food in a divided America

What the small-town chef thinks the city mice and the country mice can learn from each other


Why this Puerto Rican chef is bringing his famous NYC mofongo to San Juan

Manolo Lopez makes a triumphant return to his home island, and he’s not coming empty handed


PicoBrew’s newest beer-making machine is easier to use and costs under $300

The PicoBrew Pico Model C is less expensive than its predecessor, without losing any functionality.


3 Midwestern rules for every home kitchen

Amy Thielen meditates on the everyday wisdom of her Midwestern mother.


Fennel seed Taralli (Italian olive oil crackers)

We can’t stop snacking on these crunchy, olive-oily biscuits from southern Italy.


How to make Taralli, The best cracker you'll ever eat

If you’ve ever spent minutes licking the last grams of sweet cream from a cannoli shell in Sicily, or picked up your bowl to lap up the final streak of ragu from a bowl in Bologna, you know Italy is a breeding ground for food fetishes.


How to make momos, The himalayas' favorite dumpling

© Saveur / Matt Taylor-Gross © Saveur / Matt Taylor-Gross

As fun to make as they are to say


The magical journey of marshmallows from royal indulgence to childhood propaganda

The exotic allure of the air-puffed, all-unnatural gooey candy


Bread bowl chicken pot pie (Coffin bread)

© Saveuer © Saveuer

A night market specialty of Tainan and Taipei since the 1940s, coffin bread consists of a thick slab of white bread that’s hollowed out and toasted or fried to make a crunchy little box. 


Yes, You Can Make This Mushroom Risotto on a Weeknight

Stereotypically temperamental risotto comes together in a flash with dried and roasted wild mushrooms


The hater's guide to loving olives

The best introductory olive varieties and sources to turn you into a brine believer.


Cooking a holiday ham

If you're cooking a holiday ham, make sure it's properly prepared to prevent foodborne illness.


Why we want you to fry your Brussels sprouts

These crispy -- but not greasy -- mini cabbages get brightened up with lemon and a balsamic dressing.


Drizzle this butterscotch sauce on everything

It also makes a great stocking stuffer.


How to make the most of mashed sweet potatoes

Maple syrup and cinnamon give these mashed yams a rich depth.


How to prepare that holiday turkey safely

The traditional turkey centerpiece on Thanksgiving tables may come out looking scrumptious, but cooks in the kitchen need to be concerned about preparing the bird safely to prevent the spread of foodborne illness.


The longest lunch breaks around the world

Which nations have the most hardcore respect for the midday meal?


How to reclaim green bean casserole for the modern age

Fresh ingredients and homemade fried onions for the win


Do millennials even eat food?

Contradictory studies claim they're shopping for fewer groceries -- but also dining out less.


Ricotta gnocchi is the best gnocchi

These easy-to-make dumplings pair perfectly with a bright, briney olive-tomato sauce.


Your witty food Halloween costume survival guide

How to become the life of the party? Turn yourself into a piñata and throw candy at your friends.


Chef Greg Higgins’ guide to Portland, Oregon’s best beer, breakfast, and bar food

The James Beard award-winning chef on his adopted city’s restaurant scene


Make these Mexican pulled pork tacos this weekend

If you’re not lucky enough to have a neighborhood taco joint and can’t make a flight down to the Yucatan Peninsula, don’t fret.


The fluffiest egg dish you'll ever make

Dig into this pillow of egg and cheese tonight.


Food flavors may come from surprising sources

When is a lemon not a lemon? When it's "lemon flavor" in a processed food or drink.


The origin and evolution of nachos

Universally adaptable, proudly inauthentic, an anything-goes dumping ground of melted cheese and chips -- even nachos have an origin story.


How you should make all of your baked sweet potatoes from now on

These slow-roasted sweet potatoes are worth every second of oven time.


How to use up the last of your summer tomatoes

The low-effort, high-reward oven method for eating every last bit of summer.


The science of grilling the perfect steak

When it comes to rich, smoky flavor, nothing beats charcoal.


Summer Rolls: The easy and infinitely customizable appetizer

They're also good enough to eat for a meal.


American dairy farmers have produced more cheese than we can consume

So much cheese, in fact, the USDA is buying the surplus and giving it to food banks.


Americans waste $160 billion in food, in part because it's not pretty enough

High standards for perfect-looking produce means tons of "ugly" fruit and vegetables get dumped before they ever reach grocery stores.


The best thing to do with a summer tomato

Why the lowly tomato sandwich is the purest taste of summer.


Lots of red meat, an earlier grave?

If you turn to red meat as your main source of protein, you could be shortening your life, a new study suggests.


Spanish-style gazpacho is the perfect soup to beat the heat

On days when you want to do nothing but stand in front of a fan or jump into a body of water, there's no chance you're going anywhere near an oven or stove. So what could you possibly make for dinner? Enter, your summer best friend, gazpacho.


Greece is fighting the world about how to label yogurt

In an increasingly uncultured international dispute, the nation's dairy pride is a victim of its own successful marketing.


These beloved wild berries are in danger from habitat destruction -- but they refuse to be tamed

The Pacific Northwest huckleberry, a tiny fruit with a big following, has never been successfully domesticated, but doing so might be the only way to keep it thriving


Now pasta is good for your diet?

Pasta may have gotten a bad rap. New research suggests pasta -- specifically noodles in this study -- might actually help you lose weight.


Fourth Of July food safety tips and recommendations

When July 4th comes, most of us want to be outside in the warm weather soaking up the sun until it’s time to watch fireworks. All that heat and outdoor eating can lead to some risky food safety situations. 


Inside Cuba's intense ice cream obsession

In a country that's dealt with decades of rationing, ice cream is the public luxury. Sit down for your 15-scoop serving.


When cooking outside, don't let food safety slide

Food is a big part of many Fourth of July celebrations. But take care when making and storing your meal, so that a bout of food poisoning doesn't ruin the rest of your holiday plans, a dietary expert advises.


Better salad with a mortar and pestle?

Sometimes you want to treat salad greens like delicate flowers; other times you have to give them a good pounding.


The Hot List: 13 hot sauces from around the world that deserve a spot in your pantry

Must-have spicy condiments from Belize to China and everywhere in between.


Behind Japan's (and America's) ramen obsession

In a food culture all about tradition, ramen stands out big time -- because this modern marvel adapted from China is designed to break the rules.


The perfect daiquiri has nothing to do with a blender

Skip the appliances and reach for a bottle of cherry liqueur.


What the FDA's new food labels mean for your groceries

More information on added sugars, highlighted calorie counts, and a bigger focus on serving sizes.


The FDA may crack down on fraudulent olive oil

They could begin testing imported olive oils and reporting the results to Congress.


Could spuds be bad for blood pressure?

Potatoes are a popular staple of the American diet, but eating too many -- whether boiled, baked, mashed or fried -- may raise the risk for high blood pressure, a new study suggests.


Back to the wheat of the future

When water gets scarce, modern industrial grains won't do, which is why smart seed sleuths are reviving ancient, drought-resistant, and delicious forms of wheat.


8 dishes you'll only find in New Jersey

Taffy and tomatoes are nationwide, but these Jersey exclusives have stayed put.


The best thing to do with old bananas? Make chocolate pudding

This dark, complex dessert gets better the longer you forget about your fruit.


What it really takes to win over a picky eater

How a produce-loving parent confronts her kid's vegetables anxieties head-on


Learning to cook the Indian way

Develop an intuition for spices and never forget your pressure cooker


5 simple tips for homemade eclairs

Park Hyatt New York pastry chef Scott Cioe shares the secrets of choux pastry.


How Maryland's official state cake got its stripes

Smith Island Cake stands tall, smoothly coated in chocolate icing -- no swirls, no rosettes, no bling. Sliced and plated it reveals its genius: pencil-thin layers of pale cake, stacked and spliced with ample icing. It's delicious. And mysterious.


A daily cup of tea may soothe your heart

Regular drinkers had fewer heart attacks, less calcium buildup in their arteries, study finds.


Give your scrambled eggs a French twist

Michel Roux whisks new life into an old classic.


Cholesterol in eggs may not hurt heart health

The once-maligned egg may not be a heartbreaker after all, new research suggests.


Why does this Japanese whisky cost $70 a shot?

The super-rare Hanyu is inspiring fervor -- and big-spending -- from ardent collectors.


Alone with a bowl of gnocchi

When you are young and far from home, a big bowl of pasta will do.


Valentine's Day cupcake recipes & icing ideas

Whether you are making them for your family, children or a special someone, a homemade cupcake for Valentine's Day is a whole lot of love.


10 naughty Christmas foods to skip this holiday season

Just because Santa has been known to spend Christmas noshing on sweets doesn't mean that you should do the same. Here are 10 naughty Christmas foods you should skip.


Traditional eggnog recipes for Christmas

Eggnog is the traditional drink of the holidays, so this Christmas season make one you and your guests will enjoy.


A thoroughly modern latke

It may not be traditional, but if you like a crispy, golden-brown exterior and a soft, fluffy interior, this latke is for you.


5 tips for Thanksgiving dinner savings

Making these simple changes can help make one of the most expensive meals of the year a little more bearable for every budget.


The perfect bird: How to roast the best turkey

This fail-proof roasting method produces the tastiest, juiciest Thanksgiving turkey.


Turkey hunt

Before you decide how you're going to cook your turkey, you need to decide what kind of turkey you're going to cook. More>>

Fun Halloween dessert recipes

From 10 minute ghost Krispies to life-sized pumpkin cakes, there's a perfect Halloween recipe for every home baker. More>>

Discovering pour-over coffee

The formation of a lifelong morning ritual More>>

When do foods spoil?

Cut down on money lost to spoiled food by storing it properly, and eating it within the recommended guidelines. Your taste buds and your wallet will both thank you. More>>

True West: Family cooking in Las Vegas

The Bunkers, a sixth-generation Las Vegas family, carry on the spirit of the pioneers. More>>

Eggs recipes: Simple, versatile, delicious

Perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert, the egg is one of nature's perfect foods. More>>

Eight anti-aging foods to help you look younger

There are healthy and simple ways to slow down Father Time. The first place to start is in your daily diet. More>>

How to plant tomatoes

The key? Hurry up and wait. More>>

Party out back: East Coast vs. West Coast grilling

From the fresh flavors of California to old-fashioned East Coast burgers, American backyard grilling is our favorite tradition, coast to coast.

Smoke and glory: Behind the scenes at Benton's Country Hams

Allan Benton's smokehouse in Madisonville, Tennessee, is a high temple of pork. More>>

Warming up to homemade tortillas

Making your own tortillas is a surprisingly forgiving process. More>>

Mallomars: A cookie with a season

From April through August, Mallomars can be nearly impossible to come by -- luckily, you can make your own. More>>

Turtleback cookies: Alabama's almost-lost recipe

These soft, glazed, spiced cookies are one of Alabama's best-kept secrets. More>>

Frying tater tots with a four-star chef

David Kinch may be the Michelin-starred chef-owner of Manresa, but he's not above the humble fried potato. More>>

10 Vietnamese noodle dishes just as good as pho

Chef Leah Cohen of Manhattan's Pig and Khao spent weeks chasing the best noodle dishes in Vietnam. Here, she shares her ten favorites.


Better eat your breakfast

The first meal of the day finally gets serious culinary consideration. More>>

The history of Italian gnocchi

The story of Italy's most beloved dumpling. More>>

Behind the recipe: Chocolate-raspberry babka

A classic Jewish bread, updated. More>>

The seven-minute egg

Author and blogger Molly Wizenberg finds the perfect egg for all ages. More>>

Blades of glory

The Southeast Asian grass called pandan brings floral vivacity to all sorts of dishes. More>>

Almond macaroons (with no missing ingredients)

According to one chef, sharing a recipe with one missing ingredient was a test, a foolproof gauge of whether or not you were paying attention. More>>

Iconic eats: Louisiana

If you're traveling to Louisiana, don't miss out on any of these ten classic Louisiana specialties, from pillowy beignets to rustic, comforting gumbo. More>>

Dining like a rhinestone cowboy

The history of Las Vegas can be told through its steakhouses. More>>

7 guilt-free foods for your Valentine’s Day dinner menu

On what's considered one of the most romantic days of the year, the last thing on your mind might be how healthy your food is. Fortunately, there are a few simple Valentine's Day food ideas that you can easily incorporate into your celebration, while also sticking to a healthy diet. More>>

Valentine's Day appetizer recipes

Keep the love alive this Valentine's Day with special appetizers that are easy to make and delicious. More>>

Persian roots

Parsi dishes are bold, balanced, and lavished with diverse spices. More>>

The best homemade nachos are all about the sauce

At the Commodore in Brooklyn, N.Y., Stephen Tanner serves heaping plates of aptly-named Cadillac Nachos, laced with house-made queso sauce and three types of salsa. They're completely irresistible, and totally achievable at home. More>>

Guide to horseradish

Check out these tips for buying, storing, and cooking fall horseradish, plus some favorite recipes for horseradish. More>>

Nostalgia is an ingredient

First impressions count. Let them guide you in the kitchen. More>>

Rediscover German food

With the 50th anniversary edition of Mimi Sheraton's seminal and still-relevant classic The German Cookbook, there's no better time to get (back) into German food.


Winter produce guide to citrus fruit

Tips for buying, storing, and cooking winter citrus, plus some favorite recipes for different citrus fruits. More>>

7 good luck foods for the New Year

Read this list and start preparing dishes to make this year one of your best ever. More>>

Creative hot chocolate recipes for winter

Whether you're longing for a classic mug of hot chocolate or something different, check out this list of hot chocolate recipes to enjoy this winter. More>>

Christmas on the Coast

In Portuguese-inflected Goa, the most wonderful time of the year is a joyous blending of traditions. More>>

How sweet it is

There's nothing wrong with a little sugar in your holiday wine. More>>

Homemade for the holidays: Edible gifts

Check out this gallery of recipes that work beautifully as holiday presents or hostess gifts, from savory pickles and spice blends to candied fruit and sweet liqueurs.


Easy Hanukkah recipes

Help create warm and happy holiday memories by bringing the wonderful tastes of traditional, homemade Hanukkah foods to your table. More>>

Whiskey aces

Six exceptional bottles worth seeking out this winter, for a gift or for yourself.

In praise of the White Russian

Check out these variations on the coffee, cream, and vodka drink you won't be ashamed to love. More>>

How to weave a lattice top for pies

Though it may look fancy, it's easy to quickly make a lattice top when you follow this simple weaving technique. More>>

Forgotten coast: The Florida Panhandle

Among the pleasures of a scenic trip along the Florida Panhandle -- plump oysters, tender shrimp, crispy fried mullet, and classic Deep South dishes. More>>

Guide to preparing for Thanksgiving dinner

If you plan on hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, make sure you're completely prepared by following this essential checklist for Thanksgiving dinner. More>>

Lucky charm: Barmbrack

Traditional Irish harvest bread is full of surprises. More>>

The world of garlic

Check out these 27 varieties of garlic to try in your home kitchen.

Holiday for the heroes

At Napa Valley's Bouchon Bistro, it's a Thanksgiving tradition to honor American veterans with an incomparable family meal.


Houston, we have turkey

An astrophysicist engineers the perfect bird, cooked in under an hour.

A taste of the past

A daughter comes to terms with her father through his childhood foods.

Devils on horseback

Usually, a dish by this name features prunes wrapped in bacon; when the oysters are swapped in, the "devils" become "angels." But whoever wrote this recipe knew these morsels were too diabolically delicious to be otherwise named. More>>

Any given Sunday dinner

How an expatriate learned to love the roast, Australia's essential family meal. More>>

Almost family

At a Louisiana restaurant, a father-son bond is celebrated and forged again. More>>

Required eating

Bengali fish stew is more than just a dish -- it's tradition and ritual More>>

DIY hard cider

This homemade hard cider combines the flavors of a crisp white wine with the warm scent of cloves, cinnamon, orange, and apple. More>>

Season of plenty: China's mushroom harvest

From remote mountain forests to bustling urban markets, in China's Yunnan Province, mushrooms are foraged treasure. More>>

Chocolate turtle power

A Massachusetts candymaker updates an American favorite. More>>

Yogurt: Milk's finest hour

From decadent sweets and creamy condiments to the best marinade for tender grilled meats, yogurt's culinary potential is boundless. More>>

Bold pie and ice cream pairings

Check out these 14 bold pie and ice cream pairings, from a strawberry lattice-top with basil gelato to a rich raspberry pie brightened by a scoop of creamy peach. More>>

Papa's favorite poison

Straight up, over ice, or frozen, daiquiris are just as good now as when Hemingway drank them. Of course, like many classics, the daiquiri is easy to make and easy to get wrong. More>>

Art of antipasti

Is there a better way to start a meal than with an abundant antipasti platter, artfully arranged with ruffles of meat, cheese and vegetables?

A new twist on the Labor Day barbecue

Think Labor Day weekend is just another excuse for a barbecue?  Try celebrating the last days of summer in an all new way. More>>

Putting heat to meat

Among burger aficionados, no question is more hotly debated than that of which cooking method produces the tastiest results. More>>

The love of tea

Wherever you are in India, you're never far from a tea vendor peddling chai, a sweet, milky tea, from trays of steaming glasses. More>>

Cape Town's classic shake

This avocado-mint milkshake from South Africa makes a cooling summer treat. More>>

Southern comfort, Indian-style

Crisp griddled dosas -- savory South Indian fried crepes -- pave the way for new friendships.

Fries: Belgium does them better

After a lifetime spent eating American-style french fries, a first taste of Belgian-style frites is a transformative experience. More>>

How to rehydrate dried coconut

Nothing beats the satisfaction of cracking open a fresh coconut. But if fresh coconuts aren't readily available, check out this trick. More>>

Fridge raid

Raiding the fridge for leftovers is a late night tradition. More>>

Juicy Fruit: Mexico's prickly pear cactus fruits

In late summer in Mexico, prickly pear cactus fruits, or tunas, are everywhere—a refreshing snack eaten out of hand and a popular ingredient in candies, drinks, jams, and more.

Bad weather? Make a stovetop smoker

The rich flavors of smoked meat are closer than you think: all you need is a pot, foil, and a steamer insert to make a stovetop smoker. More>>

Five essential tips for designing your kitchen

Here are some less traditional ways to think about kitchen design, whether your project is outfitting a rental kitchen in a tiny walk-up, or the kind of larger-scale remodel you dream about. More>>

4 perfect veggie burgers

These four veggie burgers are worthy occupants of any bun -- no faux-meat here, just fantastically delicious combinations of beans, vegetables, legumes, and grains. More>>

8 barbecue party tips you need to know

Whether you're a first time planner, or seasoned professional, a barbecue is one of the most fun and exciting parties you can throw. More>>

Summer juice smoothie recipes

Grab a blender and some ice this summer, and try your hand at making your own smoothies. More>>

Fourth of July cookout recipes

Entice your guests with traditional American favorites and a few grilled surprises. More>>

Berries made better: Macerating strawberries

The process called maceration softens fruit and imparts flavor, transforming even less-than-perfect berries and stone fruit into something worthy of dessert. More>>

The many faces of ramen

As a Japanese fast food phenomenon, a budget meal solution, a hangover cure, and an upscale menu item, ramen has proven to be an infinitely variable dish. More>>

A writer's beef

Ernest Hemingway's preferred hamburger recipe was a master work in its own right. More>>

Ice cream cocktails -- a Wisconsin favorite

The Greenwood Supper Club in Fish Creek, Wis., mixes liquors with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream for classic takes on a grown-up sundae. More>>

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