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Romney campaigns with gubernatorial hopeful Haley


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CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney came to the Holy City, supporting candidate for Governor Nikki Haley. They kicked off the last weekend of runoff election campaigning at the College of Charleston.

"She really represents a next generation conservative, a people's conservative. She has the principals of conservatism in her heart. She believes in small government and individual freedoms," said Governor Mitt Romney.

Haley is asking voters to join the movement toward conservative ideals, along with Governor Romney Jenny Sanford, and Henry McMaster. They spoke to a crowd of more than 100 at the college's Randolph Hall. "We want to make sure we have term limits in the state of South Carolina," Haley said. "We want income disclosure on our legislators so we can see exactly who's paying them. We want all of our spending online so we can see exactly how every tax dollar is spent. We will not stop until there's a permanent law in South Carolina that every single legislative vote is on the record for you to see, you deserve that."

Former first lady of South Carolina Jenny Sanford also came out to support Haley. She says Haley will fight for some of the same reform her ex-husband fought for. "That's why I worked so hard for my former husband, and while he was in office. Nikki is the one candidate that I think can bring the change that Mark Sanford has talked about," Sanford said.

In a statement Haley's opponent Congressman Gresham Barrett accuses her of not disclosing a piece of income, and income disclosure for legislators is a change Haley is campaigning for. "Nikki Haley took money from Wilbur Smith, a private company that did business with state government, and repeatedly failed to disclose this income on her statement of economic interest form both in 2008 and 2009," Barrett said in the statement.

"I have always followed the rules of the law. I will continue to follow the rules of the law. Just like when we were having voice-votes and it wasn't working. I wanted to strengthen it, and I pushed for on the record voting. It's the same thing. I think that the legislature can disclose more, and it will make us a better government," Haley said.

Haley faces army veteran and four-term Congressman Gresham Barrett in the Republican runoff election for Governor on Tuesday.

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