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Remembering a child who drowned by preventing other drownings

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NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - "We aren't supposed to bury our children and you never ever, ever think it could happen to you," said Michelle Zieg.

You're not supposed to but that's just what Zieg did two years ago when 17-month-old Brayden passed away.

"It was just mere moments where my older son was able to open the back door without us noticing.  Brayden went out the door following Nathanial," said Zieg.

What happened next, when her husband found older brother Nathanial, is something her family will never forget.

"Immediately he said where's Brayden? And Nathanial just simply looked over to the pool," said Zieg.

Brayden drowned that day.  Michelle has made it her mission to prevent any other infants from having that same fate.

"There are so many small children that know you don't cross the street without turning your head and looking both ways and you don't talk to strangers but not many of them know you should never go near water without an adult," said Zieg.

So she started a foundation called "Because of BRAYDEN" which stands for "building resources and awareness of youth drowning's through encouragement and networking."

The foundation has a long name but a simple goal.

"We really just want to teach everyone just be aware because it only takes a moment to lose a loved one to drowning," said Michelle's sister Lauren Sheldon, who helped formed the foundation.

Saturday the organization will have its first water safety day in Gahagan Park in Summerville.

It's a chance to gather and remember young Brayden but more importantly pass on messages of water safety to children and their parents.

So that none of them will have to know the feeling of saying goodbye to a young child before their life even gets started.

"I don't know how to put it in words.  Devastated doesn't even begin to grasp it," said Zieg.

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