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Emotions run high after Kamp's testimony in Waring murder trial

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Day 3 of the Ethan Mack trial started out with emotions running so high that the judge had to warn the courtroom. Circuit Judge J.C. Nicholson Jr. told the audience that if they felt they were going to be emotional that they needed to leave the courtroom.

Heather Kamp was the only witness called to the stand in a long day of questioning in the murder trial of Kate Waring. She was asked first about her dishonest ways.

"Across the country you have pretended to be a nurse or pretended to be a doctor?" asked Solicitor Scarlett Wilson.

Kamp also spoke about how she would later steal from someone she says she considered to be a friend.

"So how did you steal from (Waring)?" Wilson asked.

"Her purse was lying open and I would put it open and take out two checks from her," Kamp answered.

During the proceedings, Mack's former girlfriend, Kamp, also told jurors about the chilling final moments of Waring's life.

"She goes under the water she was still alive because she was breathing bubbles," Kamp said.

Kamp also told the court how she lead authorities to Waring's body.

"I told them when you go to the round about instead of looking elsewhere I told them to go straight and they found her body," Kamp said.

Kamp testified Wednesday, even though her plea deal is now off the table. Her attorney, Frank Cornley, said she is facing murder charges and as of now they don't know what lies ahead.

The defense will have its turn Thursday morning to cross examine Kamp.

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