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Conservatives for 'Truth In Politics' want answers from Nikki Haley

By Alan Campbell

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Two former Republican leaders in the Lowcountry came together Thursday to pressure the Haley campaign for answers they say she has dodged.

Cyndi Mosteller, former first vice chairman of the South Carolina Republican party, and Sam McConnell, former chairman of the Charleston Republican party, want answers from Republican gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley. 

"I want to see a principled person, somebody with a moral center in the governor's chair," McConnell said Thursday.

McConnell spoke openly about Haley and her effect on the election.

"I was a chairman of this party when it was uphill to win races here in Charleston County and I feel that so much that we worked for, worked hard for, would have been squandered in this election," McConnell said.

Mosteller spoke about Haley's reportedly late tax returns and allegations of her infidelity. The group wants Haley to swear under oath and they say be honest with the voters.

"We're only asking her to say, 'People of South Carolina, what I told you when those allegations emerged, I now swear to you under oath that my words are truthful.'  She has refused to do that," Mosteller said.

During her bid for governor, Haley has faced accusations of infidelity from Republican political operatives and most recently has come under some scrutiny for filing her taxes late. All of the allegations against Haley came after polls showed her to be the frontrunner for the Republican nomination for governor.

When Mosteller was asked if she will vote for Haley, she said that it would be a very difficult choice for her.

"We've said all that needs to be said about this handful of old-guard politicos who are desperate to stay relevant and make news in the waning days of the election," said Rob Godfrey, spokesman for the Haley campaign.

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