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Hilton Head Residents to Get City Water

Imagine having running water in your house that smells and tastes so bad you can't drink it. That's what some Hilton Head residents have been dealing with for more than 30 years, while their neighbors--literally just feet away--have fresh, clean city water.

For the people who live on Jessica Drive, it's pretty messy. They've been dealing with dirty well water that stains everything from their bath tubs to their clothes. And with city water so close for so long, it's all been a little tough for these residents to swallow.

"They promise this and promise that , but they never show up," said resident Geneva Jenkins.

The water that she was talking about turns everything from her clothes to the toilet brown. Many have to buy their own drinking water and have been doing it for more than 20 years.

Money that was supposed to be used to lay water lines--$800,000 set aside in 1995 by Public Service District One--has already been spent. And $1.2 million set aside by the town of Hilton Head has also already been spent. But the Public Service District says this is not about money: the reason people don't have city water that need it is that they can't get a land easement from one resident.

Veronika Kincaid's private land is the sticking point for others getting what they need. "The PSD could easily move that easement to the other side of the road or to the back of this property," Kincaid said.

When Broad Creek Public Service District learned that WTOC was looking into this story, it came forward and donated all the materials for the water lines, and Public Service District Number One will donate all the labor.

Reported by: David Allgood

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