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New Year, New Laws

By Tracey Amick, Live 5 News

(WCSC) CHARLESTON SC - With the new year comes new laws. Starting today in South Carolina,  businesses with more than 500 employees must verify their new hires are in the country legally. It's part of the anti-illegal immigration measure signed back in June. Some people we talked to agree with the law.

"Across the country you should verify people are legal to work here", one woman said. Others don't think its fair. "With everyone getting fake id's,  I don't think it should fall on the owner", a man said.

Another law in the city of Charleston increases parking penalties from 8 dollars to 14 dollars.

Most people we talked to think it's way too high.

"I think it's absolutely ridiculous,  because they should be encouraging people to shop on King Street with the wonderful stores,  not discouraging them", one woman said.

"The economy is down,  why are they hitting the common man in the pocketbook?", a man said.

Others think the increase isn't high enough. "I think it should be 40 dollars,  then you'd be careful to not let your meter run out", one woman said.

Another new state law requires those with 2 or more DUI convictions to blow into a device on their steering wheel before they can start their car.- if too much alcohol is detected the car won't start. The people we talked to say after 2 DUI's they shouldn't be driving at all.

"They had 2 chances- I say no boot no breath analyzer, no driving period", one man said.

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