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  • Cataracts


    Like the lens of a camera, the eye's lens focuses to keep the images of both close and distant objects clear. Over time, the lens becomes less transparent; studies suggest accumulated exposure to ultraviolet light causes the natural lens to cloud. Most often, this clouding takes place slowly as proteins within the lens degenerate.More >>
  • Cataract & Cataract Replacement Lens FAQs

    Cataract & Cataract Replacement Lens FAQs

    How do cataracts develop?
    The eye's lens is responsible for helping to focus light on the retina in the back of the eye. Cataracts occur when proteins within the lens begin to cluster together, causing the lens to cloud. If the lens is cloudy, it cannot properly focus the image on the retina.
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  • Andrew Geer

    Andrew Geer

    The first thing I would say about Magill Vision Center is how exceptionally attentive the staff and Dr. Solomon are...how straight forward Dr. Solomon is. I looked into some of the LASIK discount centersMore >>
  • Louisa Doswell

    Louisa Doswell

    I wanted to make sure I really had the best of the best. So I asked a lot of people in the area who they went to and every person I asked had said the Magill Center. I was just surprised at how immediateMore >>
  • Lee Trent

    Lee Trent

    Pretty much anytime I wanted to see something further than probably ten or fifteen away I would have to wear either contacts or glasses. It's a big decision to have LASIK. I had a friend that recommendedMore >>
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  • Gail Malott

    Gail Malott

    Everybody I talked to said Dr. Solomon and the MUSC Storm Eye Ambulatory Procedure Center. EVERYBODY. And they told me people come from all over the world to go see him. They made me feel very comfortableMore >>
  • Avies Gennaro

    Avies Gennaro

    I started wearing glasses when I was a first grader. Around 18 I had my first set of contacts. As time went along it seemed to get worse to the point it felt like I had a film over both eyes. I went toMore >>
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