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Is your water heater taking a bite out of your energy budget?

Water heating can account for 14 percent or more of the energy used in your home. The SCE&G Energy Team answers some common questions on how to improve the efficiency of your water heater and lower your monthly costs.  For details, visit sceg.com/energywise.

Get cash back on a new water heater
SCE&G electric customers can receive a $250 cash-back rebate check for removing an electric resistance water heater and installing a natural gas or propane tank or tankless water heater, or installing a solar or heat pump water heater.

A bill credit of $200 is also available for customers who convert from an electric or propane water heater to a natural gas water heater, either tank or tankless. This bill credit is also available to customers who already have natural gas service but do not currently have a natural gas water heater. A combined rebate of $450 when you qualify for both rebates. For details, visit sceg.com/energywise.

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