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Police To Turn Evidence Over To Savage Law Firm

By Bob Behanian  bio | email

CHARLESTON, SC-(WCSC)-This morning's proceedings lasted less than an hour.  Immediately after words the hallway outside courtroom 4-c became Andy Savage's stage.

"Every significant piece of evidence that we found was turned over to the proper law enforcement agency."  So why would sheriff's deputes seize evidence from the car of one of the private investigators?  We'd love to ask them but we can't, because they are under a gag order.

On Wednesday Charleston police arrested Ethan Mack and Heather Kamp for obstruction of justice and forgery in connection with the Waring case.  David Aylor. Mack's attorney, asked Judge Markey Dennis to order both sides to keep quiet.

"Out of respect for this gag order, if there is a gag order, again I haven't seen it but I understand there may be one out there," said Savage.

Until it is lifted the Charleston County Sheriff's office and the Charleston City Police department cannot comment on the ongoing investigation.

Savage says he has no complaint against the Charleston County sheriff's dept.

"Never had an issue with the sheriff's office, never.  They have done nothing but further the investigation of these matters."

Savage didn't say the same about City Police.  He feels the department should have investigated Kate Waring's disappearance as a crime, sooner.

Emails released to Live 5 News on Monday reveal Savage's true feelings about how the CPD has handled the case.

In them he called police captain Thomas Robertson "rude and arrogant" for seizing some documents from a car belonging to one of savage's investigators.

The police department refused to comment on savage's name calling, due to the gag order.

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