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Student: 'Senate candidate Alvin Greene showed me pornography'

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COLUMBIA, S.C. (WCSC) - The woman who accused an SC Democratic nominee of showing her obscene material on a computer said Wednesday night she thought the ordeal was over until she saw news coverage of Alvin Greene's upset victory.

Speaking with media for the first time since her run-in with Greene on the University of South Carolina campus, the woman said the events of the last 24 hours are unfair to her.

"I thought this was over and this man, this guy, decides he's going to run for Senate and it all comes back - it's not fair to me," she said.

She says while the alleged event happened months ago when she was a USC freshman, just talking about the incident brings back a flood of bad memories.

Greene was accused of showing obscene images to her last November in a computer lab. According to a police report, Residence Life officials at the university said Greene was using an old Carolina Card to gain access to the lab.

According to Greene's accuser, "a rather large man came and sat right next to me. He said, 'Hi.' I thought he was being friendly, so I said hi back."

However, she says that's where the polite talk ended.

"Then he was like, 'Do you like football?' I said, 'Yes.' Then he asked me to look at my screen and it was just a bunch of porn and he was scrolling and laughing. Then he just looked at me and said, 'Let's just go back to your room now.' That's when I decided it was time to leave," said the alleged victim.

Greene, who won the Democratic primary to run for Senate Tuesday, had no comment when he was asked about the charges. He's been somewhat of a mystery man beating veteran Lowcountry politician Vic Rawl in the primary despite claims he didn't even campaign.

"What kind of campaigning did we do?  Ok, we campaigned all over the state," said Greene.

Wednesday, the alleged victim's mother is questioning how he got the money to even get on the ballot.

"I think he's made a mockery of the voting process.  He didn't have $10,400 when we went to court," she said.

Her daughter says the people who went to the polls yesterday deserve to know who Alvin Greene is.

"I thought it was my duty as a citizen to let the people of South Carolina know who's trying to run," she said.

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