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Local police plan DUI crackdown for New Year's Eve

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NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Police are already making their New Year's Eve plans, and they want the public to know about it. Officers are going to be everywhere. "Our job, our objective, is to make sure everybody gets from point A to point B," said North Charleston Police Officer Anthony King.

Police admit there will be lots of folks who will drink and drive. North Charleston will have 14 or 15 officers patrolling New Year's Eve, solely looking for drunk drivers. That will include checkpoints in certain places. "Some people might not take it seriously enough, but we're out here to remind everybody it's a serious issue," warned King.

If you plan to drink and drive in downtown Charleston, be warned. Charleston cops also will be out in full force, looking for drunk drivers and even be pulling over people who run red lights.

First offense DUI can result in a maximum fine of $2,200 plus mandatory jail time and an increase in your insurance rates. "It could damage your career, damage your social life, your family life. DUI's will stick around you for a long time," said King.

Police usually publicize check points, saying that information usually keeps the number of drunk drivers down.

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