‘Fetal heartbeat’ bill proposes abortion restrictions, stirs up controversy

South Carolina State House representatives are considering a bill that would make it illegal for women to get an abortion if the doctor can detect a heartbeat from the fetus.

Bernie Sanders gets 7 stitches after cutting head on shower door

  Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders holds rally in North Charleston

  Trump reviving his border wall fight with $8.6 billion budget request

  Hillary Clinton says she won’t run for president in 2020

Group launches study on the potential impact of gaming, gambling in South Carolina

  House Democrats launch aggressive new Trump probe

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  Former Colorado Gov. Hickenlooper joins 2020 presidential race

Grand Strand business owner says thousands of animals will be killed during seismic testing

  Trump claims Cohen hearing may have hurt North Korea results

  Presidential hopeful Sen. Cory Booker campaigns in Lowcountry

SC asks courts for injunction to block pending offshore testing, in addition to current seismic lawsuit

  Gun background check bill passes House, heads to Senate

  Trump, Kim summit collapses amid failure to reach deal

Both leaders left their Vietnam meeting early and canceled a planned signing ceremony.

  Trump, Kim dive into nuclear talks, looking for ‘right deal’

The two men continued offering hopeful words as talks began anew at their second summit on curbing Pyongyang's pursuit of nuclear weapons, a problem that has bedeviled generations of leaders.

  Michael Cohen casts Trump as a ‘conman’ who directed lies and cover-ups

Michael Cohen begins a three-year prison sentence in May after he pleaded guilty to lying to Congress in 2017 and committing campaign finance violations while he was working for Trump.

Cohen says he will tell ‘my story’ in public hearing

President Donald Trump's former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, said Tuesday that the American people can decide "exactly who is telling the truth" when he testifies Wednesday to the House Oversight and Reform committee.

House OKs Democrats’ bill blocking Trump emergency on wall

Trump, Kim facing big issues after big welcome in Hanoi

  Ex-campaign worker filed lawsuit claiming Trump kissed her without consent; White house issued denial

  Democrats prepare resolution against Trump’s declaration

Boy raises money for border wall with hot chocolate stand

  Senate and House pass funding bill; Trump is prepared to sign, will also declare border emergency, McConnell says

  Unhappy with budget deal, Trump still doesn’t expect a new shutdown

President Trump is expected to grudgingly accept the agreement, which would avert another government shutdown and give him what Republicans have been describing as a "down payment" on his signature campaign pledge.

  Trump and O’Rourke go head-to-head over border wall in El Paso, TX

Standing in a packed stadium under a giant American flag and banners saying "FINISH THE WALL," Trump vowed to fulfill his 2016 campaign promise regardless of what happens in Congress.

Sen. Cory Booker to make three stops in SC as part of campaign tour

Presidential hopeful Sen. Cory Booker will be in South Carolina from February 10-11.

Advocates cite ‘sense of urgency’ as work on SC energy bill continues

Thousands of jobs and billions of dollars of investments are on the line according to solar companies in South Carolina.

  Trump calls for bipartisanship, a hard line on immigration in State of the Union address

The president ticked through a litany of issues with crossover appeal, including boosting infrastructure, lowering prescription drug costs and combating childhood cancer, but he also appealed to his political base with his harsh rhetoric on immigration.

  Trump touts ‘good’ relationship with North Korea’s Kim in State of the Union

The aim of the summit is to continue working toward peace and denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

  Trump touts economy, warns of border danger in State of the Union; Abrams says ‘we owe more’ to working class in Dem. response

Pres. Donald Trump presented an optimistic vision of the nation, saying "our country is vibrant and our economy is thriving like never before."

  Electricity restored to NYC jail; Justice Department opens probe

Protesters have gathered outside the facility in recent days following news reports that those housed there have largely been without heat or power for the past week.

Bill in the State House makes second attempt to bring the electric chair back to South Carolina

A similar bill also passed the State Senate in 2018 but did not pass the State House.

  SC’s most powerful politicians spend Leadership PAC money on ‘lives of luxury’, watchdog group wants reform

Two of South Carolina's most powerful politicians have spent thousands of dollars at golf resorts, ritzy hotels, and expensive restaurants, according to Federal Election Commission reports.

  Stricter distracted driving laws could be coming to South Carolina

A crackdown on distracted driving could be on the way for South Carolina motorists.

  Pelosi takes hard line against wall money in funding bill

Her remarks came after Democrats had signaled at least some flexibility in the talks on border security funding that began only Wednesday.

  Lawmakers consider new restrictions on e-cigarettes for teens

State lawmakers are set to vote on a new bill that would place further restrictions on teenage access to e-cigarettes

  Trump says ‘wall’ must be part of lawmakers' border deal

A fresh, protracted crisis could make it difficult to tackle other upcoming business such as a deal to prevent automatic budget cuts to the Pentagon and domestic agencies.

  Hundreds of teachers visit lawmakers days after “massive” education reform bill filing

Alison VanArsdalen has been teaching for 12 years. She rarely takes a day off, but on Tuesday she didn’t go to work. She is one of the hundreds of teachers who were in Columbia talking to their state senators and state representatives about fixing education in the state.

Trump confidant Roger Stone pleads not guilty in Russia probe case

Stone is expected to plead not guilty to charges that he lied to lawmakers, engaged in witness tampering and obstructed a congressional investigation into possible coordination between Russia and the Trump campaign.

  Trump casts doubt on seeing a budget deal that he’d accept

As hundreds of thousands of furloughed federal workers prepared to return to work, Trump told The Wall Street Journal that he doesn't think the negotiators will strike a deal that he'd accept.

  Venezuela backtracks on order to expel US diplomats

The Venezuelan president broke relations with the United States on Wednesday after the Trump administration and many other nations in the region recognized opposition leader Juan Guaido as Venezuela's interim president.

Conservatives say Trump caved but confident he’ll get wall

Trump said if he didn’t get a fair deal from Congress, the government would shut down again on Feb. 15 or he would use his executive authority to address what he has termed “the humanitarian and security crisis” on the southern U.S. border.

  Lowcountry federal workers rally to end government shutdown

About two dozen people, including some federal workers, gathered outside Senator Lindsey Graham’s office in Mount Pleasant Friday morning, rallying against the government shutdown.

  New bill looks to crack down on puppy mills in SC

South Carolina lawmakers are taking aim at puppy mills by filing a bill that would establish the state’s first commercial dog breeding requirements.

  Failed votes, accusations of ‘crocodile tears’ and a ‘down payment’ offer from Trump as shutdown goes on

Federal workers will miss a second paycheck tomorrow as the shutdown is in day 34.

  Democrats work on new shutdown compromise, as federal workers protest at Senate building

The offer is a possible path toward a compromise even though it does not have money for his wall.

  Senate agrees to vote on competing bills to end shutdown

The Republican package would re-open the shuttered parts of government and boost some spending. To try to draw more bipartisan support, it adds $12.7 billion in supplemental funding for regions hit by hurricanes, wildfires and other natural disasters.

  Proposed bill would increase cigarette taxes to raise SC teachers' pay

The proposed bill suggest cigarette tax should be increase by five cents on each cigarette that will help increase pay raises for South Carolina teachers.

Paying more at the pump? Potential bill would add tax to fund new beaches

A proposed bill will let you decide if you want to pay more at the pump in order to help improve our beaches. Senator Greg Henry proposed a bill that would let counties vote if they want a $.1 per gallon tax on gas to go towards beach renourishment projects."The voters would have to vote to tax the

  Shutdown goes on as Trump offer doesn’t budge Democrats

With hundreds of thousands of federal workers set to face another federal pay period without paychecks, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has agreed to bring Trump's proposal to the floor this week.

  At 30-day mark, shutdown impasse remains over border funding

The criticism of his "compromise" from both Republicans and Democrats underscored Trump's boxed in-position as he tries to win at least some Democratic buy-in without alienating his base.

Free giveaways to Lowcountry federal workers during shutdown

With the government shut down being the longest in American history, Lowcountry businesses are giving away free meals, movie tickets, pet food and museum tickets to federal workers in the area.

Rep. Cunningham assigned seat on House Veterans' Affairs committee

Rep. Joe Cunningham says he's honored to be able to advocate for Lowcountry veterans and their families.

Trump cancels Pelosi’s overseas trip after her request to postpone State of the Union address

The nation's two most powerful leaders appeared to be engaged in a game of constitutional one-upmanship as negotiations to end the monthlong partial government shutdown failed to produce results.

  Trump signs law giving back pay to federal workers

President Donald Trump signed a law on Wednesday guaranteeing back pay to federal employees who have been furloughed or working without pay during the partial government shutdown.

  Attorney general nominee Barr seeks to assure senators he won’t be a Trump loyalist

So far, William Barr's comments have pointedly departed from Trump’s own views and underscored his efforts to reassure Democrats that he will not be a loyalist to the president.

  Trump’s AG nominee Barr backs Mueller probe, supports border ‘barrier’

Nominee William Barr is expected to be confirmed, unless there is a major surprise during the hearing. It would be his second stint as attorney general.

  Shutdown standoff: Dems rebuff Trump invite, thwarting effort to bypass Pelosi

The administration is trying to peel off Democratic support for Trump's demand for border wall money and negotiate directly with centrist lawmakers and some newly elected freshmen, including those in districts where Trump is popular.

  Government shutdown delays financial aid for some Lowcountry students

Schools across the Lowcountry have students, both current and incoming, who are affected by this, but most institutions are working with the students to navigate financial aid during the shutdown.

  Trump rejects suggested short-term government shutdown fix

Leaving the White House for a trip to New Orleans, Trump said he had dismissed the proposal from Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham to reopen for several weeks and continue dealing with Democrats over Trump's long-promised wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Former Obama housing chief Julian Castro joins 2020 campaign

Castro was San Antonio mayor for five years and was housing secretary during President Barack Obama’s second term.

  At border, Trump says ‘we can declare a national emergency’ over wall

The president visited a border patrol station for a roundtable on immigration and border security.

Routine food inspections halted by US government shutdown

Meat and poultry inspections are conducted by another agency, however right now, cheese, infant formula and produce aren't being inspected.

  Trump walks out of meeting with Democrats, says GOP is unified in shutdown showdown

The president also called the meeting a “total waste of time" in a tweet afterward.

  In address to nation, Trump calls for funding for border security; Democrats accuse him of manufacturing crisis

The president addressed the nation about the ongoing government shutdown from the Oval Office on Tuesday night.

Trump to address nation, plans border visit as shutdown lurches into 3rd week

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi intends to begin passing individual bills to reopen agencies in the coming days, starting with the Treasury Department to ensure people receive their tax refunds.

Strategist who helped Cunningham to victory sets sights on Beto O’Rourke

The goal of the “Draft Beto” campaign is to convince Beto O’Rourke to run for President in 2020 and former Cunningham spokesman Tyler Jones will serve as the group’s South Carolina state director

  No breakthrough in shutdown talks as Trump stands by demands

With talks stalled, House Democrats plan to start approving individual bills to reopen shuttered departments, starting with the Treasury to ensure Americans receive their tax refunds.

SC lawmakers propose 7 percent gun fee for added security in schools

With the General Assembly back in session beginning Jan. 8, we’re taking a look at some of the proposed legislation up for debate.

  Joe Cunningham sworn in as congressman for First Congressional District

Joe Cunningham was sworn in as congressman for South Carolina’s First Congressional District on Thursday in Washington D.C.

  Poll: More than half of ‘southerners’ want some kind of action on Confederate monuments

Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia were all part of the poll.

  Giuliani: ‘Over my dead body’ will Mueller interview Trump

President Donald Trump's attorney is categorically ruling out the possibility of a presidential interview with special counsel Robert Mueller.

  Hints of Democratic agenda as Google CEO testifies

Google CEO Sundar Pichai _ and other tech executives who may be watching _ got hints Tuesday of what issues they can expect to face as Democrats take control of the House in three weeks.

Spending bill passed to delay showdown over government shutdown

The stopgap spending measure would push the deadline when funding will expire for several government agencies from Dec. 7 to Dec. 21.

Dictionary mocks President Trump’s latest Twitter misspelling

In an angry tweet, President Donald Trump said former attorney Michael Cohen was getting off “Scott Free.”

  Trump issues Thanksgiving threat to close US-Mexico border

President Donald Trump is threatening to close the U.S. border with Mexico for an undisclosed period of time if his administration determines that its southern ally has lost "control" on its side.

  In op-ed, Sanford calls GOP loss in 1st district ‘a chance for conservative soul-searching’

“My party would be wise to take a step back from President Trump’s approach to politics,” Sanford concluded.

Judge orders Georgia to work to protect provisional ballots

In a ruling late Monday, U.S. District Judge Amy Totenberg ordered the Georgia secretary of state's office to establish and publicize a hotline or website where voters can check whether their provisional ballots were counted and, if not, the reason why.

Former SC Rep. Liz Patterson dies

Elizabeth “Liz” Patterson died Saturday at age 78.

Longtime California GOP congressman loses seat to executive

Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, Russia's leading defender on Capitol Hill and an outspoken advocate for legalized marijuana, was defeated Saturday

Birth control mandate dropped for some businesses with religious, moral objections

Government programs that provide free or subsidized contraceptive coverage to low-income women will continue.