Leprechaun Visits Local Hospital

Each St. Patrick's Day, Bob Jones roams the halls of Roper St. Francis hospital. Fourteen years ago Bob began volunteering here. Four years later that came to end when he moved to Hanahan. He still wanted to have a positive impact, so he began dressing up each March 17th.

"I was going through the register in the cafeteria and one of the girls said you look like a leprechaun. So I figure since I look like one I might as well do it."

Bob doesn't have gold but he hands out plenty of candy. Making the day of each person he runs into to just a little bit better.

"They tell me how wonderful I look. Wish me a happy St. Patrick's day. I have ball doing this."

Bob has been coming to this hospital on day St. Patrick's Day for the last ten years. He gets as much out of it as the people he sees.

"I just enjoy doing it. I like making people happy."