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Live 5 News currently offers news and weather email alerts and text message alerts. Subscribing is easy and completely free.

Live 5 Text Alerts

You can receive text alerts for breaking news, weather updates, sports scores and a whole lot more. Sign up for free and customize what kind of text alerts work for your needs.

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Live 5 News Alerts
Get breaking news updates from the newsroom and be the first to know about news going on around you.

Also, each weekday you will receive news updates from Bill Burr on stories from the overnight and early-morning developments in your inbox before your first cup of coffee. Then, Ann McGill will update you shortly after you start your workday with fresh developments in stories reported during the early shows.

Live 5 Weather Forecast 
The Live 5 Weather Team sends out emails with your weather forecast and breaking severe weather news. Get updates on how weather systems will affect your day.