Woman robbed at gunpoint downtown tells how it changed her life

By Ian Silver  bio | email

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A woman was held at gunpoint in a downtown Charleston alley, and now she and police are hoping someone will recognize some of the suspects from surveillance video.

It happened off King Street near Mary Street.

"He swore at me," the armed robbery victim, who asked us to hide her identity while the suspects are still on the loose, said. "Told me to give him my f*#@%*g pocket book. And I looked at him again and I threw it down."

It was the most frightening and traumatic moment in her life. A little after 2:30 Easter Sunday morning.

"Picked it up and told me to f*#@%*g run," she said. "I started walking down the street to Mary Street, and I hit the corner and started running."

The victim says instinct kicked in and she did what she was always told she should do in this situation: comply with her attacker.

"I'm not a small person. I'm not a weak person. But not knowing what else might be lurking around the corner with him. I did not want to be laying in the alleyway hurt. I have children at home. And I did not want to leave them without their mother."

Within 20 minutes of the robbery surveillance video was taken of two of the three suspects trying to use her debit card at a West Ashley Kangaroo gas station.

Just two days later she says her entire outlook on life is different.

"Lookin' over your shoulder, always watchin' to see what's goin' on. You just never know. I grew up in Charleston. I've lived here almost my entire life. And it changes everything. I no longer go anywhere by myself."

She says she used to think this kind of thing would never happen to her.

Now she says there's nothing left to do but hope somebody recognizes the men in the video.

"And nobody deserves to go through this. Nobody. Man, woman, black, white, asian. Nobody deserves to go through this. It's almost like being raped."

Police say there were three men involved with the robbery. They are not sure if either of the men in the surveillance video is the one who actually robbed her.

The suspects only got away with the $30 in cash she had in her wallet.

Police are asking anyone who recognizes either of the men in the video to call Crime Stoppers at (843) 554-1111.

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