Sessions: filibuster of Sotomayor nomination unlikely

WASHINGTON (AP) - Sen. Jeff Sessions says he doesn't "sense" a filibuster in the works against President Barack Obama's Supreme Court pick.

But, the top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee says Sonia Sotomayor "has serious problems."

Sessions told NBC's "Today" show Sotomayor "has a good resume," but he's troubled by Sotomayor's past comment that federal appellate courts "make policy."

Sessions says GOP lawmakers want to closely scrutinize her legal philosophy.

The Alabama senator says it's "possible" he could back Sotomayor's nomination, even though he opposed her when she was nominated to the U.S. Court of Appeals in 1998.

Sessions says he wants to take a "fresh" look at the record. But, he says he also wants to know whether "she has a tendency to be aggressive" on the bench and impose her own beliefs.

Meanwhile, a coalition of liberal groups is launching a TV ad describing Sotomayor as principled, fair-minded and independent.

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