Air Force base makes changes to cut costs

By Bob Behanian  bio | email

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Two years ago the Charleston Air Force base implemented a new program that aimed at making it run more efficient.

"For AFSO21 to instill a warrior spirit, with a business mind set, so that our airmen can do work that makes sense," said Maintenance Group Program Manager Bob Langston.

The warrior spirit came easy, it's the business mind set that's been the biggest challenge. "It's a culture change, and as you know changing culture is very hard to do.  Culture is how we do things around here.  That can be hard to change," he said.

But the change is happening.  New designs are cutting down on wasted motion.

"On the flight line there are great distances the airmen must travel.  The goal is to make the mechanic the center of gravity, bringing all the equipment closer to the mechanic," said Langston.

"We actually eliminated a lot of those trips.  We fill this section once a week now and save 30 or 40 trips a week from this box alone," added Master Sergeant John Bush.

In the past, when a plane needed fuel a tank was driven out just to that aircraft, would fuel it up and then drive all the way back. Now that's changed. "We take this out twice a day along the flight line and find equipment that's running low on fuel and fill it up right there.  So we do 20 servicings all in one whack."

This process does save money.  It also helps those who are doing the work.

"The goal is to make the job easier for the airmen.  If they don't believe it's making it easier for them it won't sustain."

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