Goodwill's job center aims to pair people, jobs

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - 11.5 percent of people in the state are unemployed, but Goodwill is trying to put them back to work. Their Joblink center has had to add more hours even staying open on Saturdays.

Katrina  Campbell says it's a sign of the times. "Things are not like they used to be in the past where you could walk in the front door of a business and say, 'are you hiring?'," Campbell said.

So to help these job applicants keep up with the times, Joblink teaches them how to work a computer, update their resume and apply for a job -- and all of it is done online. Campbell says the individual attention makes a big difference.

"One of the things they can expect to find is assistance, someone who's passionate about helping them," Campbell said.

The numbers of job applicants have quadrupled over the past few months, from around 40 each day to 30 in an hour.

Interested jobseekers should give themselves at least a half hour to get online and then allow more time for the other services like job skills training and even mock interviews. Campbell says there's a variety of people coming in with different backgrounds "from people with doctoral degrees people who are just looking to improve their skills and knowledge."

And Goodwill is helping them find a wide range of jobs. "In this area are a lot of jobs ranging from janitorial work to many food services to administrative assistants," Campbell said.

A huge influx of the applicants lately have been older. Campbell says some are looking for a second career and many never had to work with computers in the past.

She says Joblink is free and here for everyone.

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