Sanford: Your words, your opinions

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - From the governor's disappearance to his return, admission of infidelity and now calls for his resignation, Live 5's viewers have been sounding off on the topic. Here are many of those we have received.

Wednesday, June 24

"I truly believe that Mark Sanford should be impeached because it is the same thing as President Bill Clinton when he was caught having an affair. Besides its not like he is doing anything for our state anyway!" ~ D. Money

"We the people of Charleston, SC feels that Govnor Sanford should in his power RESIGN!" ~ Barbara

"Shame shame shame. His email love notes show a man not in charge of his emotions and certainly not able to make sensible decisions for his own good and those of his family and future. Throw him out of office. He's guilty of not thinking with his brain." ~ JS

"Its no wonder these political figures have no limits they also have everything at their disposal. If they led lives that weren't so fake and forgiven then maybe they could remember the values that they preach about.Its really funny to me how he continued with this while trying to make critical decsions that effect our statess well being. No wonder he didn't want the stimulus package,we wouldn't want to interupt his tropical affair vacation to bother him with job creation." ~ Mallory

"Has anyone found out where he flew from in order to get to Argentina?  How about verifying his ticket, which airline. What about Homeland Security?    Who was he with?  Impeachment might be in order." ~ JZiemanski

"After two visits to the Gov asking for DSS reform, hearing nothing for five years, and moreover, seeing no improvement, it seems that now we know that he seems to be qualifying himself for higher office. Now that his squeaky clean image is gone, he can join the flock already there.  I question what would have happened to the state if this had been an emergency. Bauer's attitude as Lt. Gov. in this situation was not indicative of leadership, was it?" ~ Marilyn

"I am disappointed in Sanford but nothing would be worse than Andre Bauer being Gov. of SC." ~ Ann

"I feel that we should not be judging our Governor, but rather lift him up and keep him in prayer.  I do not condone his affair, but he is human and we are not his judge.  He has asked for forgiveness from his family and from us, let's be gracious and do unto him as we would want others to do unto us.  Don't kick a man when he is down.  None of us are without sin, and if you want forgiveness you must give forgiveness.

I pray he and his wife and children will receive all the support they need and will be able to heal and reconcile.  It takes a real man to admit and ask forgiveness, not just of his family, but publically.  I wish him and his family all the best." ~ Sue

"Mark Sanford is a disgrace to S.C. , he claims to be Christan and to be doing the right thing . He has repeated this claim time and time again . Only to go out and hurt the ones closes to him .I have always said he is using S.C. as a steeping stone up the political ladder and the children of S.C. as the rungs in that ladder . If he can so easily hurt his on children how could we ever trust him to be in control of the welfare of the children of S.C. .He needs to resign before he disgraces S.C. any further." ~ Jimmy

Thursday, June 25

"The Governor will have his hands full trying to explain everything for the near future.  How can he get the state's work done?   And, he did not say he was going to break up with this woman.  For his boys' sake, he would be better off if he resigns so he can get somewhat out of the spot light.  Tonight folks are talking about his hypocrisy when he called for Clinton's resignation." ~ Eddie

"I had always admired Gov. Sanford for taking things seriously, he slept on the couch of his office when he was in Washington representing our state, he stood up against government waste with the huge deficit created by this so-called stimulus thing, but now he has become just another man who can't keep his vows.

A man who couldn't discern that he was getting into a bad situation with this woman, and separate himself from the situation.  He didn't care enough for his children and family, and those who supported him to control his sexual desires.

ALL of our government officials (republicans and democrats) need to understand that if they cannot keep faith and fidelity with their families whom they supposedly love, how are their constituents supposed to expect their elected officials to keep true to them with their promises? Clinton made a mockery of the White House with his cigar escapades, then we've had the nanny-gates, the undisclosed conflicts of interest with certain businesses for those who are supposed to regulate the same businesses, and now sadly our governor is just another cheater and liar." ~ Sharon in Summerville

"Gov. Sanford should not resign.  He messed up.  SC gov has a procedure to follow if the Gov is unavailable if we got into trouble.  He showed bad judgment in not informing his staff of his whereabouts, but could have just left his cell phone on and with him to know what was going on.  He should stay, face the music, accept the consequences of his actions, and DO HIS JOB.  We don't need Andre Bauer in the top seat with the current economic crisis. He has his own entitlement issues and I doubt his ability to subvert his own sense of self-importance.  At least Sanford will work in the best interest of our state, not his own personal agenda.  You may not like his views, but he has always attempted to keep our budget under control, even to his own political detriment.  We need moderation in spending, not a man who drives too fast and flies too slow." ~ Margaret

"My heart hurts for the family of our Governor. I also feel for him, but after listening to the news this morning and hearing that 60 percent of the people of SC want him to resign. I have to say I disagree. Reasons being we live in the bible belt and as a Christian I will not cast the first stone. How many of us have sin that one sees but the Lord. This man and his family need us more now than he ever has before. As for myself I will be praying not condemning. We need to stand tall as a strong State and that means we stand by a man who has stood by us." ~ Cathy

"I have been watching all the stuff about Sanford, its on the local news as well as the world news. You know his cheating was bad enough but what people arent talking about is that he left this state infact the country without letting anyone know because he wanted to " cry " for 5 days, and also what about the money our tax money he used so he could go on these trips and he refused the stimulus money. While i feel for his wife and children and what they are going thru, lets not forget how hes chosen to run our state into the ground. He needs to resign." ~ Dawn

"I do not believe that Governor Sanford should resign as governor.  His transgressions and the confession will lead to scrutiny that will be sufficient punishment.  He and his wife should be given the opportunity to work this out privately in counseling.  I believe that he is remorseful and that this is not a pattern of behavior that is destructive and will cause our state further harm.  He needs to be given a chance to redeem himself and show his true character." ~ Alana

"Although I don't agree with Governor Sanford's behavior, I don't think he should have to resign.  If you remember it wasn't too many years ago that President Clinton had an affair while serving as our President.  At least Governor Sanford had the decency to do it out of the country and not right under his family.  I feel really bad for his wife and boys.  I hope they know that the people of South Carolina are praying for them." ~ Gina

"I think all of this mess about  Gov. Sanford is being taken to far.People need to learn to clean up around there on doors before they talk about others. I understand he did make a misstake but we r all human. Why don't everyone else put ther business on the tv so we can ruin them. I get sick of people running other people down when they r out doing wrong just the same." ~ Bunny

"How sad it is for the Governor's family to deal with his transgressions publicly. In order for his marriage to survive the governor should resign from office, and devote his time and energy to Jenny and their boys." ~ Marianna

"A very big disappointment, He SHOULD resign as he showed no RESPECT for S.C., his wife and especially his sons on Father's Day.  As the HOME goes, so goes our STATE!"

"How can anyone contemplate an impeachment or resignation of Governor Sanford when Bill Clinton had an affair IN the White House and not only was he not impeached or asked to resign but the public voted him in for another 4 year presidential term?  Governor Sanford is paying a huge price already for his indiscretions and he should be given the privacy he needs to put his family back together."

"I don't know if Sanford should resign, I think a man of honor should. I am disappointed in him, and like his wife believe that his family should come first in this situation.   Though, reports from South America state that he was just canoodling in public with his tramp over the weekend.  For myself, I can't support any candidate who cheats, and whether I liked them or not. This doesn't mean that as a human being I can't or couldn't forgive them, it just means that if they break the vow of fidelity to their family (whom they love or have loved) the chances of them break the vow of trust  in their office with constituents whom they have no personal relationship is greater.

However you keep putting that screaming woman on the TV with her nastiness and some nonsense about Sanford and Barack Hussein Obama (which I won't even go into the waste of money on Obama's weekly liquor parties with his $100 + Kobe beef).  However,  I can assure you that some of those who are screaming  for Sanford's resignation, took up for Clinton while he was getting blow jobs in the oval office." ~ Sharon in Summerville

"He should resign and be held accountable just as a soldier must be accountable when they go awol!" ~ Stevie

"I have never thought Gov. Sanford to be an effective governor but that, as well as his infidelity, is secondary. Simply put, Gov. Sanford has proved to be derelict in his duties. Not only has he been taking off as he wishes and shirking his responsibilities for personal business, he decides to do so without any sort of concern or thought for the people to whom he is responsible. He left no one in charge and let the possibility of chaos hang over our heads in the case of an emergency. He's deeply embarrassed the state as now the nation sees South Carolina as a joke that not even our state's leader treats as such.

As for all the Bill Clinton comparisons, that's a political ploy if I've ever heard one. Calling the name of one of the most liked presidents will not cover up the fact that while Gov. Sanford was off in Argentina playing, Clinton was at least present in the White House and doing his job, as is evidenced by his approval ratings.

The issue is not that Gov. Sanford has been unfaithful, but that he has been irresponsible. He needs to step down and allow us to work towards improving SC. He has his own issues to deal with, he does not need to burden the citizens any longer." ~ Sheila

"After watching live 5 news last night concerning the Governor's affair and airing of his emails, I was appalled.  The Governor was morally wrong in his choice, but it is his personal life.  I feel that he has done an exemplary job as governor.  But I believe that an "investigative report" should be done on the "criminal" who intercepted his emails.  No wonder we are once again the laughingstock of the nation.  Not only is our Statehouse not secure from computer theft, but our state newspaper, local newspaper and our local TV channels have absolutely no class or conscience to his family.  Truly some things are better left unsaid.  And the platitudes that we are "praying" for his family while airing such drivel was as hypocritical as it gets.  What his family must be going through as a result of the media is unimaginable.  I am sure that Mrs. Sanford and her son's hope of reconciliation is affected by what has been ai! red and printed.  People make mistakes and some people learn to forgive, but when it is "rubbed in your face" "saving face" is the only way to go." ~ Arlene

Friday, June 26

"This whole thing is getting out of hand.  O.K. the Governor messed up but so do thousands of other married people who are just as important.  We just don't know about it yet.  Do you think that every member of the senate or the house of representative is squeaky clean? Please.  But do we put it on the front page of every news paper in the state?  NO!  In what other job do we ask a person to resign or do we fire for having an affair?  Sure he messed up and for that I do not support him, but that is between he and his wife.  We need to stay out of it.  This other blood thirsty politicians should be ashamed.  Instead of digging into Sanford's business, dig into theirs.  I bet you'll find just as much juicy dirt/gossip to talk about.  Again leave it alone.  For better or worse he's all we have until election time." ~ S

Wednesday, July 1

"I voted for Sanford in both elections. I was a strong supporter.  I believe his personal life is his own concern, however, I feel that he should resign.  If I went on vacation from work without requesting leave, I would surely be fired!" ~ Jennifer from Summerville

"No I do not think that Governor Sanford should resign.  I think the news has said enough and leave him and his family alone.  The Governor was up front with the media and everyone has taken it and twisted and made it worst for his family.  Governor Sanford has been good for this state and now we here how bad he's been.  Enough is Enough." ~ Deborah