Helping the homeless

By Bob Behanian  bio | email

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) -According to the National Alliance of homelessness, there are over 700,000 homeless in the U.S.  Between seven and fourteen thousand are right here in S. Carolina.

"This is an issue that people would deem taboo.  People don't even like to talk about. But we have to, we have to come up with solutions," said State Representative Wendell Gilliard.

One solution is a seminar that community leaders and some politicians are organizing. Homeless who attend will get information on where they can go for medical help, food and shelter.

"We can get them to understand that we care about them.  These are the places you go to for help."

This committee believes now is the time to put this together because the face of the homeless is drastically changing.

"When you think about the homeless you think of winos and drug addicts.  But now it's your next door neighbor being foreclosed on.  The last couple years there are 300 foreclosure here in North Charleston.  So where are those people going," asked George Saldana, Director of the North Charleston Housing Authority.

Where some go is the street.  And for one group this is becoming all too familiar.

"It's bad enough we have homeless people.  But to include homeless veterans it makes it even worse."