Fundraiser For Tyler Capers

CHARLESTON, SC -- Marion Square was host to the third annual Bounce Back Family Bash on Saturday, July 25th.  The gathering, which ran from 4pm to 8pm, featured emotional and educational counseling, among other festivites, for those who have been victims of and are dealing with violence in their lives.

In attendance, those looking to help the Capers family.  Last July, their then 9 year old son, Tyler, was killed in a hit and run car wreck.  The suspect has yet to be found.

A booth was set up, decorated with pictures of Tyler in varying sizes.  Here, people could make a donation, typically $2 or $3, to have their photo taken next to a large, blown up image of the boy, about 5 feet wide and 5 feet tall.

The money will help by a head stone for Tylers grave.  That's something his family was unable to afford last July.

While participants were hesitant to speak formally, their joy and interest in helping was well noted.  A line quickly formed of both individuals and groups.  Some were so content to be helping, they either made larger donations, or got back in line.

As photographer Abdullah Muhammad put it, "Everyone loves to have their picture taken!"

It's estimated the head stone will cost around $1,900.