Elderly woman hopes scheme won't happen to others

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CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - An elderly woman who says she got duped by an alarm salesman hopes her experience may prevent it from happening to someone else.

On June 1, it was the man's pitch Irma Evans said convinced her to buy a three-year alarm system for $500.

Evans, 86, said, "he was a good talker and he sold his product well and I fell for it."

A day after she wrote him a check, it had been cashed.

She adds the man identified himself as a salesman for a major security company. Evans has always trusted people so she never imagined the salesman was only after her money, she said.

The man she described as "nice looking, well dressed and had a good line."

Days after she signed the contract, Evans' monitoring service with ADT security system was cancelled. Along with her system, her special emergency call service was also disconnected.

"Turned out not to replace anything except my money," she said.

It's been two months and an alarm system still has not been installed at her home. She has tried contacting the company several times, without much success.

They promised to come out Thursday, but she said they never showed up.

"I've always worked hard to whatever I've got and had and I think everybody else should do the same thing if they want money, they should earn it," Evans said.

Live 5 News called the numbers the salesman left Evans, but there was no answer only an answering service.

"It makes me very angry," she said.

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