Advanced Multifocal Replacement Lens Implants.

There has never been a better time to have cataract surgery than NOW. The replacement lens implants now available can help you to:

  • See better at night.
  • Enjoy a full range of quality vision.
  • Participate in activities you may have been missing out on.

You choose.

Your choice is between a traditional monofocal lens implant plus glasses for near vision OR a multifocal lens implant. A monofocal lens implant is designed to restore clear vision, but it cannot restore vision quality lost to presbyopia. Dr. Solomon now offers another option.

Each of the three advanced multifocal replacement lenses currently available employ a different technology to recapture more youthful vision by compensating for presbyopic changes. If you opt for an advanced multifocal lens, Dr. Solomon will implant the replacement lens that best meets your individual needs.

Do you have astigmatism? Dr. Solomon may recommend a "toric" replacement lens that provides sharper distance vision by correcting for astigmatism. Reading glasses will still be needed if you choose to have your astigmatism corrected with a "toric" lens.

Before advising you, Dr. Solomon will carefully consider the health of your eyes, your preferred lifestyle, and the types of demands you place on your vision. Among other things, he will need to know about:

  • Your occupation and hobbies.
  • How much time you spend reading and using a computer.
  • How much driving you do (particularly at night).
  • Your preferences in outdoor activities and travel.

Dr. Solomon will ask you to consider the degree to which you are bothered by wearing glasses and how your life would be different if better vision could make it possible for you to protect or regain your ability to live it on your own terms.

Should you say YES to this opportunity? Only you can answer that question. Before you make your final decision, THINK about what your life would be like if you could recover the vision you once had to see at:

  • NEAR distances for reading the latest best-seller or a restaurant menu.
  • INTERMEDIATE distances for surfing the Internet or recognizing the smiling face of a friend.
  • FAR distances for driving and enjoying the scenery.

Advanced multifocal replacement lens implants have made this broad range of quality vision a reality for thousands of people around the world by reducing or eliminating their dependence on reading glasses and bifocals.

Will you be one of them? Ask Dr. Solomon if this new technology can help you to recapture more youthful vision.