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Lee Trent

Pretty much anytime I wanted to see something further than probably ten or fifteen away I would have to wear either contacts or glasses.

It's a big decision to have LASIK. I had a friend that recommended Magill and Dr. Solomon. I researched on the web and his credentials were exceptional. I checked the office out and it didn't even feel like going to the doctors. Very professional, and I was just really impressed. You can talk to him, he listens to you. He told me realistically the probabilities of success.

Having LASIK really makes doing things a whole lot easier. My vision now is 20/15 and it's great. It's unbelievable to me the things that I can see. It makes life so much easier that you don't have to deal with contacts or glasses.

LASIK is absolutely worth the money. I didn't even realize how much money I'd been spending on years of glasses, contacts, contact solution and the time everyday.

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