Gail Malott

Gail Malott

Everybody I talked to said Dr. Solomon and the MUSC Storm Eye Ambulatory Procedure Center. EVERYBODY. And they told me people come from all over the world to go see him.

They made me feel very comfortable and their sense of humor was great of course. Dr. Solomon was absolutely fabulous. There is absolutely no pain at all. It's nothing.

As soon as I opened my eyes after my cataract surgery I could see perfectly. My left eye went from legally blind to 20/40 and my right eye went to 20/15. I've never had this vision in my entire life. It was just a miracle. A true miracle.

I can read street signs. I can read the license plates in front of me. I can see my wrinkles, my friend's wrinkles, and I'm not nearly as good a housekeeper as I thought I was.

Listen, there's nothing to it. Don't be hesitant at all about going for cataract surgery, but find Dr. Solomon first.