Questions Parents Should Ask An Educational Service Provider

"« Where will you provide your instructional services?  On the campus of the home school?  At a center?  Somewhere else other than the two mentioned before?

"« What are the qualifications of the teachers?  Do you use certified teachers to provide tutoring?  Do you use non-certified personnel to provide tutoring?
If so, what criteria do you use to select someone to be a tutor?

"« What are the company's qualifications?

"« Do you have a minimum number of requests for services from parents that you must reach, before you will provide educational services in the school?  What is that number?  If you do not reach that number, will you inform the parents who have originally request your services that you will not be able to provide the instructional services?  How long will this process take, before you will know whether or not you will be able to provide such services in a particular school?

"« How many minutes / hours of instruction will you be able to provide within the allotted dollar amount?

"« How many sessions a week are you able to offer services?

"« Will you be able to provide services on Saturday?

"« What is the student-teacher ratio?

"« What if my child needs individual (1-1) attention?

"« Will my child be grouped with other children on the same level for instruction?

"« Does my child have his/her own individual program?

"« What program(s) are offered?

"« Can you serve non-English speaking students?

"« Can you serve students with special needs?

"« What happens if we miss a session?  Can it be made up?

"« How is progress measured?

"« How will you inform me of my child's progress?

"« Will my child's teacher(s) be involved?

"« Is there homework?

"« Is transportation provided?  By the Provider? By the District?  By the school?

"« As a parent, if I am unhappy with the instructional services that the provider is rendering, am I able to change Providers?