Surprise welcome home for soldier

By Anthony Miller  bio | email

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - 4-year-old Angeline Vanduinen was having a great time coloring a poster. "I'm gonna draw my 'da-da' with purple," said Angeline.

Before Friday, all she could do is look at or draw pictures of her daddy. Kyle Vanduinen has been away from his family for almost two years serving in Iraq with the Army.

Today his family got ready to give Kyle the surprise of a lifetime.

"He thinks I'm the only one coming to the airport and I am taking the girls and my parents are coming and I've invited anyone who wants to come," said Stephanie Vanduinen. "I'm really excited, I think he'll never expect this from me, he'll never expect that I would do this."

Life without dad has been especially tough for the Angeline and her baby sister Genivieve. "She cries all the time she misses him and cries, she'll get a boo-boo and cry I miss you daddy," said Vanduinen.

Friday, they had a great time getting all the signs ready for the big welcome home.

While there have been tough moments worrying about him in a war zone, Stephanie is strong for the family. "I just try to have faith that God will protect him and we pray for him everyday," said Vanduinen.

But now all those thoughts are left behind, the only concern is how to react when Kyle steps off that plane.

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