Naked man arrested in Northwoods bathroom after allegedly chasing man with knife

By Live 5 News Staff email | twitter

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - North Charleston police officers arrested a naked man in a Northwoods Mall bathroom Sunday after he allegedly chased another man with a knife.

According to the victim, the suspect made several attempts inside and outside the mall to sell several CDs to the victim. As the victim was walking toward the mall, he looked back and saw the suspect wearing a blue bandana around his face and a knife in his hand, yelling, "Give up everything."

An officer responded to the mall shortly before 11:30 am Sunday after receiving a call that a man was chasing another man with a knife. The officer met with the victim, who indicated the suspect ran back into the mall toward the bathroom.

The officer and mall security staff entered the bathroom and saw the shoes and jacket lying on the ground inside a stall. With his gun drawn, the officer opened the stall and found the man completely naked, according to an incident report.

The officer noticed a large, silver knife sticking out of one of the suspect's shoes. The officer confiscated the weapon and allowed the suspect to dress himself, according to the police report.

24-year-old Tavon Emanuel Grissitte was charged with armed robbery.

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