Falcons' Roddy White says no more flips


AP Sports Writer

FLOWERY BRANCH, GA (AP) - Roddy White did everything right at San Francisco last week - except stick his landing.

On his way to his team-record 210 yards receiving, White celebrated a touchdown with a flip in the end zone, but he landed on his bottom instead of his feet.

White says he is through with flips as he prepares for Sunday night's game against the Chicago Bears.

The Falcons led the 49ers 14-10 when White scored on a 90-yard

pass from Matt Ryan to spark a run of 31 unanswered points in Atlanta's 45-10 lead. Then came the end-zone flip, which earned White a 15-yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct and a gentle scolding from coach Mike Smith.

White says it "was a pretty bad landing" and that Smith told him "no more flips."

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