About Debi's Kids and the Salvation Army Angel Tree

2009 marks the sixteenth year of the Debi's Kids and The Salvation Army Angel Tree campaign.

Debi's Kids was created by WCSC's on-air anchor, Debi Chard, in 1993 to bring joy to the lives of children in need who had no other means to receive toys at Christmas. the program assisted thousands of families and became a holiday tradition that people expected to see on television and in retail stores beginning shortly after Thanksgiving.

In 2004, WCSC's Debi's Kids formed a partnership with The Salvation Army's Angel Tree program in an effort to reach more families in need during the holiday season and provide additional assistance to include clothing and groceries. The 2008 campaign resulted in serving more than 14,000 individuals for Thanksgiving & Christmas and more than 6,000 children receiving toys at Christmas.

Beginning in mid-November, Debi's Kids Salvation Army Angel Tree bins are set up in retail stores to collect toys. Additionally, Debi's Kids Salvation Army Angel Tree trees decorated with paper angels representing actual children are placed in area businesses to await adoption by individuals and businesses to grant Christmas wishes. Just days before Christmas, The Salvation Army distributes toys to deserving families.