New site 'like a Better Business Bureau' of online dating

By Tracey Amick  bio | email

(WCSC) - When it comes to online dating, what you see isn't always what you get. From violent offenders to sweetheart swindlers, people can present a profile that isn't true. "These are predators; these are people who are dangerous, we don't know why they're out there but they're out there," said Jacey Gordon, founder of

A few years ago, Gordon ventured back onto the dating scene by dating online. Then a man she dated turned out to be a  sweetheart swindler -- and sent her a letter asking for money. "[He sent] a request for $50,000 and a list of bills including some women he owed," Gordon said.

Gordon didn't fall for it, but many others do. So she decided to launch, a site she describes as "finally a place where people can tell their story to try to protect someone else maybe they got victimized but they want to make sure no one else gets victimized."

The site has tips for safe dating and a section on red flags. "If someone comes on too strong -- they're complimentary, they're not introducing you to people, they're evasive, that's somebody to be careful of," Gordon said.

Also beware of profiles with interests that are romantic cliches like long walks on the beach, and sitting by a fire. Another red flag is when one person tries to appeal to every person.

"Somebody put their picture in and in one profile they put they were Jewish and one they said they were Catholic," Gordon said.

Another huge red flag is if  the information that they've told you isn't true, so on the website you can conduct your own basic background search making sure their name and address and even where they work is what they've told you.

You can even contact the FBI's white collar crime division through the site. "It's a reference, I say it emulates a Better Business Bureau or Consumer Reports," Gordon said.

Gordon hopes by sharing stories,  they can steer people clear of the dangers of online dating.

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