Safety board convenes to investigate F-16 collision

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SHAW AFB, SC (WCSC) - A safety investigation board convened Tuesday at Shaw Air Force Base regarding the F-16 mid-air collision that killed Capt. Nicholas Giglio on Oct. 15. According to a release, the board will look closely at  the details of the collision.

According to the release, members of the members of the board were specifically selected because of their extensive knowledge of the F-16.

"Safety investigations and reports are conducted and written solely to prevent future mishaps," said Lt. Col. Danny Palubeckis, 20th Fighter Wing chief of safety. "During the course of the safety investigation, the board members are looking to find the cause or causes of the mishap in order to take preventative action and make recommendations to prevent future occurrences."

The board has approximately 30 days to return the assessment, and the releasable portions of the safety board report will be included in the accident investigation board report.

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