Police: Williams helped move Waring's body

Terry Williams.
Terry Williams.

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CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A day after arresting Terry Williams for Obstruction Of Justice in connection to the Kate Waring death investigation, an affidavit filed by Charleston police provides further clues of the connection between Williams, Ethan Mack, and Heather Kamp.

According to the affidavit, a confidential witness told police Williams, 31, helped Mack load Waring's deceased body into the back of a vehicle. As payment for Williams' help, Mack took the Waring's iPod from her body and instructed Kamp to give it to Williams.

In court Friday afternoon, Williams, who is charged with Obstruction Of Justice, told the judge he did not lie to police. "I don't understand why they trumped up this charge with me to hold me for something I don't know nothing about," Williams said.

According to the court papers, Williams at first told police the iPod came into his possession as payment for giving food to another suspect, 31 year old Heather Kamp and that he did not know it was Waring's until some two months after receiving the iPod. He claimed he only realized it was Waring's when he saw her name inscribed on the back of the device.

Williams is the third person to be arrested in connection to the Waring case.

Williams's rap sheet dates back to 2004 and has escalated from public intoxication to strong armed robbery and resisting arrest.

Police arrested 31 year old Kamp and 29 year old Mack on charges of Forgery and Obstruction of Justice on Oct. 7. On Oct. 10, Waring's remains were found on Wadmalaw Island.

Waring had been missing since June 12. While police have made three arrests in the case, they have yet to charge anyone with murder.

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