Isle of Palms mayoral candidates debate finances

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ISLE OF PALMS (WCSC) - On Tuesday voters will decide whether to give Mayor Dick Cronin a full term in office.

Cronin, a retired international businessman, is running against Jimmy Ward, a longtime CPA.

The candidates disagree significantly on the state of the island's budget.

Much of Ward's campaign has focused on the issue.

"I've been going to see people door to door. I've been all over the entire island and when people find out about the debt service of the city they're shocked," said Ward.

"He wants to bring more responsibility to the table and I think he will do that," said Joan Colglazier, a resident for over three decades.

But Mayor Dick Cronin says the city's finances are in order.

"Our opponent is very concerned about the financials of the city, but the city is in excellent financial shape. As I indicated, we've had the same tax rate for the last three years and our bond rating has just been improved by the bond rating agency," said Cronin.

"He's done a fantastic job of keeping our costs down. Our taxes have not gone up," said Rick Howell, a Cronin supporter.

Mayor Dick Cronin was voted into office earlier this year during a special election after his predecessor, Mike Sottile, joined the General Assembly.

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