Growing a mustache for cash in the fight against prostate cancer

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A group of men in North Charleston are raising money to fight prostate cancer by growing mustaches and spreading the word about their cause.

Daniel Hoerr and his friends are spending all of November growing out mustaches in a fundraiser called "Movember". The whole idea is to get people to ask about their long mustaches; then people can donate on their website.

The money goes toward prostate cancer awareness and research against the disease.

"Grow a mustache in November with a clean shaven face. Then in the end of November it's raising money to benefit those foundations," Daniel Hoerr said.

In addition to the prostate cancer fund, money also goes to Lance Armstrong's Livestrong foundation. It's a worldwide fundraiser started in Australia back in 2003.

"A group of guys in Australia wanted to bring the mustache back. They decided to bring the 70's mustache back. The second year, it turned into a fundraiser," Daniel Hoerr explained.

The program has raised $47 million for prostate cancer research. Robby Spencer, who is also participating, says the mustache is a great way to tell people about their cause.

"We haven't done a good enough job of making people aware of it. People say, 'Hey what's up with the mustache?' and you say we are trying to raise awareness for prostate cancer," Robby Spencer said.

After November the group isn't sure whether all of them will keep their new looks.

"I will probably shave it off it's a little annoying," Hoerr said.

Spencer had a different theory. "It depends on how well it works with the women. Might have to keep it if I get a date out of it," he said.

If he doesn't get a date, Spencer said he's happy to settle for raising money for a good cause.

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