Downtown Charleston Flooding

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Several cars already stalled out downtown Charleston due to rising water from the heavy rains this morning.

Right now there is a Flash Flood Advisory for the Tri-County area.

High Tide is at 7:24 this morning which is causing the problems. The normal roads like Bee Street, Courtney and the Crosstown are all experiencing flooding right now.

Remember if you are heading downtown allow extra time. Try to avoid large puddles but if you decide to drive through it, drive at the highest part of the road. If it's not possible to drive in the middle of the road, stay as far away as possible from the curb. Also remember to drive slowly and steadily. The wave you create in the front of your vehicle should be as small as possible. It's also important to let you know, don't drive through a flood if there is another vehicle traveling from the opposite direction.