Wanted Ravenel man found by FBI in Miami

By Live 5 News Staff email | Twitter

AUBURN, NY (WCSC) - A Ravenel, SC man wanted for questioning about the abduction of a 21-year-old woman is in FBI custody. He was found around 7pm Saturday in Miami, FL, along with the alleged victim's car, a 2003 Jeep Liberty with Massachusetts tags.

On the morning of Monday, Dec. 6, Cayuga County Sheriff's deputies responded to a Best Western Motel in Upstate New York for a report of a young woman who was found bound with duct tape in one of the rooms.

Investigators say the victim met Arnold C. Fox, 30, through employment ads online about horse farms. Fox told the victim she had been hired to work on his farm in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., and convinced her to meet him. He allegedly asked her to help him buy some horses.

The investigation has not revealed any horse farms in the Saratoga Springs area that Arnold Fox owns.  Fox has lived and worked on farms in South Carolina, Pennsylvania, and New York.

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