Peeping Tom has woman looking for answers from store, Northwoods Mall

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Juliee Boatwright was trying on clothes in the dressing room at Express at the Northwoods mall on Sunday afternoon when she noticed something was wrong.

"I saw a mirror from underneath the other side I kept leaning down farther to look at it and as soon as he saw me looking at it he jerked it back up," said Boatwright.

She says it was a small mirror attached to a metal pole-she immediately grabbed her clothes and left the fitting room.

"I was very stunned very shaken up by it I've never had anything like that happen never though of anyone wanting to do that," said Boatwright.

She told her sister and the store manager and soon after he came out of the next dressing room.

"He knew he'd been caught when he walked out of the dressing room and saw me and my sister standing there. He had this look of 'oh crap,'" said Boatwright.

She asked the store to call security, but they just asked him to leave so she found security herself. "There were 3 of them standing together. They split up around the mall trying to find him. My sister and I stayed there another hour too," said Boatwright.

He got away, and now Boatwright says the Express should have policies that better protect their clients, like surveillance cameras and same sex dressing rooms.

Boatwright says Express also needs a policy in place to call security in serious matters like this. "Its an invasion of privacy an invasion of self not something he should have been able to do," said Boatwright.

She filed a police report with North Charleston police.

The Express issued this statement to Live 5 News:

"The safety and security of our Customers and our Associates are our top priorities and our internal operations policies reflect those priorities.  We take all matters such as this very seriously and will continue to work to ensure that all of our Associates react appropriately and in the best interest of our customers at all times."

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