Shoppers change gift buying habits in tough economy

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CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The size of their family has not changed, but Rebecca and Brandon Mann have changed gift shopping habits.

The Manns are getting creative and playful when it comes to gift giving.

"My father is not an Obama fan so I got online and we got him an Obama 'Chia Pet,'" said Rebecca Mann, who bought the gift as a joke.

The couple was doing last-minute shopping at a packed Citadel Mall Monday night.

"It doesn't have to be a real expensive gift…as long as it means something to that person," Brandon Mann said.

Sisters Rachael and Rebecca Bradley say they're buying a lot of what they call "DIY" gifts or "do it yourself" items.

"A lot of what we've been buying is stuff to make things instead of going for electronics," Rachael Bradley said.

Bradley said it's all about simple and cheap.

Lisa Davis, a West Ashley resident, said she has changed her gift buying habits because of the economy.

"I have bought less. I've cut down on people. I'm shopping for basically just family members," Davis said.

She is also just buying things she thinks people will need, like clothing.

Julie Keith is doing the same. She is buying her husband a computer desk chair.

"My husband has had the same computer chair for four years and it's falling apart and he still insists that he doesn't need a new computer chair so I went and got him a new computer chair," Keith said.

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