Serving the entire Charleston Metropolitan area, we aim to be the ultimate full-service South Carolina Dental Center offering painless, convenient, and cutting-edge care in a friendly environment.

We are located at 1098 East Montague Avenue in the heart of the newly revitalized historic downtown area of North Charleston known as the Village at Park Circle. We provide Comprehensive Dentistry with conservative principles and an emphasis in smile design and functional harmony.

At Mouth Carolina we prefer to treat all of our patients in a comprehensive manner. This entails bringing your entire mouth to a healthy, esthetic, stable, and sustainable state.

If you desire comprehensive treatment on your first visit we will perform a complete diagnostic workup including:

  • a panoramic x-ray or radiograph to observe the sinuses, jaws, and Temporomandibular joints
  • a full mouth series of x-rays teeth which will aid us in diagnosing carious lesions, or cavities, that need to be either observed or treated.

We will provide you with a cleaning and chart your gums probing depths in order to observe over time any changes in your periodontal status.

In some cases we may make diagnostic impressions from which we will create stone study models to aid us in designing the ideal custom plan for dentures, crowns, implants, or bridges.

To the alternative we are also happy to provide you with limited treatment which is generally focused on a specific problem you are having (i.e. a toothache, a hole you may feel in your tooth or a cosmetic issue).

For this modality of treatment we will typically perform either a panoramic x-ray (an image of your entire mouth) or a smaller x-ray and several diagnostic tests to aid in the proper diagnosis of your dental issue.

After we arrive at a diagnosis for your dental issue we will be able to offer you various treatment options for your particular problem.

These options may include a filling, root canal therapy, extraction or pulling of the offending tooth, with a restorative plan to replace that tooth after the completion of your emergency treatment. This can involve crowning the tooth in question, creating a bridge to fill the space left by the extracted tooth, or the placement of an implant and implant crown to replace the extracted tooth.

At Mouth Carolina we are dedicated to providing you with the best service possible. No case is too big and no case is too small. We have big dreams and hope that you do too! We pledge to commit ourselves to helping you realize your dental dreams and gain the self-confidence that comes with a beautiful smile.