One of the newest and most exciting fields of modern dentistry is Implant Dentistry which involves the placement of a single or multiple titanium "screws" into your jaw commonly to replace missing teeth. In the months after your implant's placement the bone in your jaw will "osteointegrate" or become attached to the precisely machined "screws" as if they were not foreign.

Implants can serve as roots for crowns, bridge, or retentive features for dentures.

If you desire an implant we will coordinate your implant placement surgery with our outside implantology team who will place your implant to our specifications.

Following your surgery you will return to Mouth Carolina for impressions and the placement of a temporary restoration if required. We will then send your impression to the lab and upon it's return we will deliver it to you in your final procedural appointment.

Depending on the place of the implant and your unique oral conditions there may be additionals surgery required including; sinus lift, bone grafting, or ridge augmentation in order to provide sufficient bone to house an implant.