The WAND ®

At Mouth Carolina we realize that some patients have a fear of having dental procedures. You can rest assured in knowing that we are dedicated to always seek out the most gentle and convenient methods of obtaining numbness or anesthesia.

With the use of topical anesthetic gels the typical "bee-sting" sensation of the needle insertion has been virtually eliminated. However, there is still the issue of the rate and timing of the injection which also has the potential to cause discomfort during numbing.

Conventionally dental anesthesia has been administered through syringes which allow the dentist to control the rate in which the numbing agent was injected. In order to stay under a patient's pain threshold a particular speed of flow must be maintained throughout the injection.

One of the newest advances in dental anesthesia eliminates the need for the traditional syringe. The Wand® is a slender pen-like instrument connected to a computer delivery system which ensures the perfect flow speed to virtually eliminate all pain associated with the injection itself.

A particular way of using the Wand® is for Single Tooth Anesthesia, or STA. This involves isolating numbness to only the tooth being worked on. This technique also provides a faster onset due to the localization of the anesthetic agent. No longer must you deal with a fat-feeling lip, tongue, or cheek for sometimes hours after your procedure.

We offer the STA technique when it will provide complete pain control for your issue.