Root Canals

In the center of each living human tooth there is naturally a space which contains the nerves or "pulp" of that tooth. This space is known as the root canal and its vitality or life is not crucial to that tooth's function in the mouth once it is erupted.

In some cases it may be necessary to remove the nerve from one of your teeth to get you out of pain and save that tooth from being pulled. This procedure is known as a "Root Canal" or Root Canal Therapy.

If you are feeling tooth pain when you drink cold liquids or eat/chew something very cold you likely have inflamed tissue in your root canal. This inflammation and increased sensitivity can be caused by oral bacteria and their byproducts entering your root canal space through a cavity or underneath a leaky restoration.

Depending on the character and duration of your pain as well as the analysis of  radiographic and clinical tests we can advise you as to rather it is possible to fix your tooth with a simple filling or if the decay will possibly lead us to the pulp.

If we indeed end up in the pulp we will remove the nerve of that tooth and fully clean the tooth's inside to remove any contamination using the most current computer technology and techniques. Next we fill the sterile canal with a rubber-like material which we "glue" to the walls of your tooth's canals for maximum insulation from recontamination.

In some root canal treated teeth we will need to put a carbon-fiber post into one of your canals in order to retain our buildup which replaces any missing tooth structure. This is known as a "post and core".