Details on county perks for Boeing still not clear

By Hatzel Vela  bio | email | Twitter

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - No one spoke about the incentives the county is offering Boeing during the official public hearing at county council Tuesday night.

Councilman Paul Thurmond wasn't surprised.

You can't expect the people to show concern over something they don't know, Thurmond said after the meeting.

Council is not obligated to talk about the details of the incentives package because of confidentiality agreements and ongoing negotiations with Boeing.

"So how do you work through that? We don't want to be disingenuous to the public," Thurmond said.

Thurmond hopes there will be a compromise, where the public gets some information and the council doesn't violate any confidential agreements and jeopardizes the ongoing negotiations.

"It doesn't make any sense to hear from the public after the incentives have already been approved," Thurmond said.

Councilman A. Victor Rawl said even council doesn't know the specifics of the perks.

The deal isn't done and sometimes people need to let their elected officials do the public business, he said.

"We can't go to the public and test the wind every single time we make any decision," Rawl said.

Rawl did agree once more details are hammered out; the public should have a chance to speak their mind before council makes a final vote on the matter.

Rawl said the incentives will likely involve road changes and constructions.

We may also see tax incentives in the way of reduced property taxes, he said.

The county could also let Boeing use their bonded authority, which in simple terms means Boeing could use the county's credit card and then pay the money back later.

Council will vote on the matter in January.

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