Jack's Cosmic Dogs making second appearance on Food Network

MT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - It's a hot dog joint right on Highway 17 in Mt. Pleasant and passers-by can't miss the bright yellow sign with the rocket outside. And on Friday, January 8, Jack's Cosmic Dogs will be featured on the Food Network.

Owner Jack Hurley says it's fresh food fast with a Flash Gordon feel. "I don't deny my DNA. I'm a hot dog joint, we do one thing we do it well. You want a hamburger; you don't come here," said Hurley.

When they opened 10 years ago, Hurley says people didn't know what to think. "They didn't know if I was a dog groomer, if I sold hardware," said Hurley.

But once they came inside and tried a hot dog, they kept coming back.

From vintage long necks and Moon Pies to potato guns and Pez, the decor is a big part of the dining experience. "When we opened this place the majority of the props came out of my house. My wife was very happy," said Hurley.

And for the second time, Jack's will be on the Food Network, on the new show "The Best Thing I Ever Ate." Hurley says he's flattered and it's great for business.

"There will be two or three folks every day because Alton Brown -- he recommended it," said Hurley.

There are 15 different dogs on the menu and Hurley says he can't pick his favorite because that would be like trying to pick his favorite child,  but the Food Network will be featuring the "Cosmic Dog"-- a hot dog topped off with bleu cheese, cole slaw and home made sweet potato mustard.

The whole Hurley family helped name the different dogs and the staff has been here for years.

"I've been here for a decade but its my staff who got me here they're great they're friendly," said Hurley.

And for 10 years, they've served hot dogs to everyone from preschoolers to presidents and at Jack's they're out of this world.

"The Best Thing I Ever Ate" will air Friday, Jan. 8, at 10 pm.

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